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Warmly celebrate the success of IEEVChina20182018-10-21 20:54:29


      In order to promotethe development of energy-saving and new energy vehicle industry,implement the"Energy saving and new energy automotive industry development plan"issued by the State Council (2012-2020 ),actively promot scientific andtechnological progress andenergy conservation, environmental protection andemission reduction,furtherenhance China's independent innovation, independentdevelopment, independent brand and upgrading of industrial structure,strengtheninternational exchanges and cooperation,promot energy saving and the rapiddevelopment of new energy vehicle industry,The 1st “China International EnergySaving and New Energy Vehicle Exhibition, Energy Saving and New Energy VehicleIndustry Development Planning Exhibition, China International Vehicle NewEnergy and Technology Application Exhibition, China International TechnologyExchange Exhibition of Pure Electric Vehicle, Hybrid Vehicle and Fuel CellVehicle and Key Parts and Components”(IEEVChina, abbreviated as"IEEVChina" China International Energy Conservation and New EnergyVehicle Exhibition and Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle AchievementsExhibition") with the theme of “choice&action--The future will startnow”was held in Beijing National Convention Center  during 17-20 October 2013 supported by theministry of industry and information technology.
      After five years of baptism, forge ahead,IEEV China has nowdeveloped into the largest energy-saving and new energy vehicle professionalexhibition in China, the largest and most influential energy-saving and newenergy vehicle professional exhibition platform in China and Asia, and the onlynational energy-saving and environmental protection vehicle professionalexhibition in China.
      The new upgraded IEEV China 2018 willactively create a leading mode of travel in the future energy-saving and newenergy vehicles, intelligent network in the field of exaggerated scale, thehighest specifications, the most abundant intelligent elements of theinternational exhibition platform, display the new energy and smart IoTautomobile enterprise image at home and abroad, and strengthen the brandawareness of new energy and intelligent network joint automobile enterprises,we should publicize and popularize new technologies of new products, andexplore new ecology, new standards and new models .

      The World Intelligent Networking Auto Conference is the world's largest and the nation's first national-level intelligent networked automotive professional conference with the theme of “opening a new era of automobiles”. It will host 14 events including the main forum, professional forum, international cooperation round table, academic lecture hall, future car developer conference, exhibition and autopilot test experience, and will be organized by 16 industry organizations from many countries and regions around the world. The support of universities and research institutes has attracted more than 140 well-known scholars and outstanding business representatives from the global intelligent networked automotive field to participate in the discussion. The exhibition covers seven industrial fields including automobile, intelligent transportation, internet, communication, microelectronics, artificial intelligence and new energy. More than 180 domestic and foreign companies are exhibiting with the latest products and technologies. Baidu, Beiqi, Changan, FAW and other enterprises carried out self-driving vehicle test rides and demonstration activities on the spot to focus on the development of China's automatic driving field.
      On October 18th, BAIC New Energy held the “Beiqi Blue Valley Technology Conference” at the National Convention Center, officially released the technology brand “Darwin System”, and showed 11 intelligent electric appliances to solve the pain points, enhance the experience and open the brain. "Black Technology" covers various areas such as vehicle technology, three-electric system, intelligent driving, intelligent network, platform openness and data security. At the same time, it also established Beiqi New Energy Blue Valley Power System Branch, which is committed to becoming a world-class provider of core technologies and key components for new energy vehicles, accelerating the transformation and landing of technological innovation achievements.
      Li Shufu, chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, pointed out that security and privacy protection is the mission of intelligent networked vehicles. The core of the intelligent networked car is intelligence, and the essence is still the car. Therefore, the core components of the operating system and the communication network infrastructure must be based on the premise of ensuring traffic safety. Therefore, Geely Automobile attaches great importance to independent innovation of core technologies and masters the safety initiative. I hope to work together at home and abroad to ensure the safety of intelligent networked vehicles.
      On the afternoon of October 18th, Wan Gang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Chen Jining, Mayor of Beijing, and Li Jianbo, member of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Transport, attended the World Intelligent Network Conference. After the meeting, the group visited the exhibition.
      Qingdao Huashuo Gaoke New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. won the “2018 China Internet + New Energy Vehicle Industry Chain Selection” Excellent Charging Facilities Supplier Award.

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