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Warmly Celebrate China-France Strategic Cooperatio2018-9-22 17:24:09

      The 23rd World Electronics Forum, co-hosted by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (CECC) and the American Consumer Technology Association (CTA), was held in Shijiazhuang Hebei province on the morning of September 21, 2018, the leaders of electronic business associations and government agencies from 31 countries and regions around the world was invited to attend the meeting.       On the forum, President Wang Ning of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the sponsor. Industry experts from the United States, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Cameroon, India, Philippines, Thailand and China Taiwan deeply analyzed the current status and latest development trends of the electronics information technology industry and digital economy in the world.
President of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce
Mayor of angers, France
Project director, IEC international electrotechnical commission
      During the 23rd World Electronics Forum, the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, the Angers FrenchTech Cooperative and the Qingdao Huashuo Gaoke New Energy Technology Co., ltd. held a China-France business exchange meeting in order to actively participate in the international electronic cooperation and jointly promote the healthy development of the world electronic economy.       The President of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, the mayor of Angers, and Qingdao Huashuo Gaoke New Energy Technology Co.,ltd and their encourage attended the meeting. During the meeting, the three parties signed a document of strategic cooperation between China and France on scientific and technological innovation and achievements transformation, based on the principle of "common development, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation", the three parties will cooperate in fields of technological innovation and transformation of scientific research achievements, leverage their respective advantages in science and technology incubation, technology research and transformation of scientific and technological achievements to achieve resource sharing and win-win cooperation.       The three parties will collaborate in the fields of digital economy, electronic information, Internet, Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, intelligent medical care and numerous other undertakings, in order to realize the industrialization of scientific and technological products through scientific and technological achievements innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, scientific and technological enterprises cultivation and scientific and financing of technological projects.       The success of the meeting, make China Electronics Chamber of Commerce ,Angers in France and Qingdao Huashuo Gaoke New Energy Technology Co., ltd established close strategic cooperative partnership. In the future, they will work together to promote scientific and technological innovation driven strategy, science and technology industry sustainable development strategy, adhere to the "industrialization, globalization, digital, high-end, sustainable", and realize the world electronic economy infiltration and integrate the real economy of international cooperation.

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